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Uses and benefits of Palo Santo

Subtainably Harvested in Ecuador, our PALO SANTO has the ability to transmute emotions, relieve tension, promote meditative-state and balance energies.

Used by generations of healers, mystics and shamans in purifying rituals, this SACRED TREE is  considered magical for its spiritual benefits, which cleans negative energy from the environment and souls, bringing a feeling of well-being and joy.

  • Relaxes the mind and induces a sense of peace. Its particular aroma promotes meditation, which is why it is widely used in yoga, reiki and aromatherapy practices.
  • It is an aphrodisiac; stimulates sweetness and the ability to give and receive love, helping to improve the loving and spiritual relationship in couples. Some sexologists recommend using it in the bedroom, to achieve a more intimate and pleasurable moment.
  • It raises self-esteem and improves mood, as well as increasing the feeling of calm and tranquility in the home, and in the environments where its aroma is released.
  • It is a natural mosquito repellent, much more recommended than using chemical repellents that affect our skin.
  • It has antidepressant, diuretic, purifying, rheumatic, antiseptic properties, among others, according to some studies. Its main component is Limonene, present in an average 89%.

From Our Supplier in Ecuador: Our products are elaborated without harming the Palo Santo wood tree. Buying ethically helps the environment and also supports small artisan businesses.

+11000 Palo Santo trees reforested