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chakra - root

One of the oldest stones on the planet, lava rock has a special connection to Mother Nature. Made of the earth's core, it’s considered one of the most powerful grounding stones available. Its vibration is primarily connected to the root chakra.

This stone of rebirth and new beginnings is a great companion for those on a path of spiritual growth. By balancing the root chakra, lava rock can keep you humble and deepen your connection with your physical body. It can also give you a sense of belonging and security in the material world. 

It's considered a great stone that brings both physical and spiritual nourishment, and some believe it can clean your aura and dispel cynicism. Lava stone's energy encourages you to stay motivated and determined on the path to achieving your dreams.

Let its vibration gently guide you towards the creation of meaningful and loving bonds with the people in your life, whether it’s friends, family members, or coworkers.

One of the main benefits attributed to black lava beads is the ability to relieve anxiety and manage stress. This grounding stone is a great companion in times of change, strengthening your connection to the earth and encouraging you to be in the present moment. These qualities make them ideal rocks for those who are seeking greater mental well-being.

If you feel like your thoughts are all over the place, wearing a lava bead bracelet is said to enhance assertiveness, bring focus, and control excessive thinking. You can drop some essential oils on the lava stones for an added boost!