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chakra - heart, third eye

The nurturing effect of Kiwi Jasper makes it great for feelings of tranquility, peacefulness, and relaxation. It brings inner harmony and balance by attuning the body to Earth’s vibration resulting in an elevated and more stabilized mental state. This enhances emotional strength to prepare you in facing reality, including letting go of things that no longer serve you -specifically addictions and compulsive behaviors. Wear this bracelet if you constantly have to give your energy while keeping your heart open like healer, coach/therapists, or working in customer/hospitality service. It keeps your mind at ease and enhances and protects your loving energy.

By drawing energy straight from the heart of the Earth, Kiwi Jasper attunes the heart to the natural pulse of love. This prepares the heart chakra for all that it is to face and to keep energy flowing through the heart. It is also a balancing stone, so it helps balance and align your chakras as the energy flows from Earth through the root chakra up to the heart. It creates an energetic shield to your aura so that it absorbs the negativity. Thus preventing those energies to enter your body. This means that it does need to be cleansed frequently!