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chakra- sacral, solar plexus, third eye

The appearance of the stone is ornate with lines that look like calligraphy and it gets its name from fossilized shells, bone fragments, and vegetation found in ancient swamplands that are fossilized within them. They may be made of hematite, fossilized shell and other debris, and be about a million years old.

Calligraphy Stone is an excellent choice of stone if you are going through depression and cannot seem to find any light in life because this stone has the power to bring great happiness in your life. Wear this bracelet to keep you optimistic and strong during stressful situations in life so that you do not crumble under the pressure. If you find it difficult to balance the workload in your life, Calligraphy Stone can help you find the right balance in life and perform your duties in an orderly fashion. Use this powerful stone if you are unable to move past trauma or shock you have experienced in the past as Calligraphy Stone has the ability to help you move on from the past with the lessons you have learned.